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Architect Job Overview Architects require a unique mindset that allows them to be incredibly creative while still ...

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Architect Job Overview

Architects require a unique mindset that allows them to be incredibly creative while still keeping their ideas firmly within the physical constraints of reality. Architects design buildings and supervise their construction. Architect jobs involve designing parks and commercial buildings as well as homes and apartments. Whether you're designing stunning public spaces that thousands of people will enjoy or single-family homes for just a few people at a time, your ideas have the unique privilege of becoming reality.

Architects need to consider numerous factors when designing buildings and other structures. Each end product should be aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time. Projects must also adhere to building codes and provide a safe place for people to live, work, or play.

Architect Job Education Requirements

Architect jobs typically require a bachelor's or master's degree in architecture from a program that has been approved by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board. Some architects may also get the education they need by completing an apprenticeship. An internship in architecture usually follows to provide adequate hands-on experience in the work environment. All Canadian provinces require architects to pass a licensing exam before working alone. Each province has its own architects' association that may impose additional requirements.

Architect Job Market

Job prospects for architects are good. The recession has finally ended and the construction industry is experiencing a new revival. This creates a growing need for architects. A labour increase is expected in the coming years, which will create new jobs for architects. There will also be job openings due to current architects retiring or moving on to other positions. A job as an architect can easily lead into a career as a site manager or entrepreneur.

Architect Job Salary Information

If you're just starting out, you may need to accept a position as an intern architect. This job has a median annual salary of C$49,092. Wages typically fall between C$38,824 and C$60,427 making this a well-paid position in its own right. The full-time salary for an architect in Canada typically falls between C$65,000 and C$75,000. Wages vary by location. Architects in Ottawa enjoy some of the highest wages with average hourly earnings of C$39.95. The lowest average earnings are found in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where architects average C$25 an hour.

Architect wages increase steadily with experience. The most important skills for an architect to have are project management and design, both of which lend themselves to career advancement and increased earnings potential.

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