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Assembler Job Skills

Assembler Job Overview Assemblers are the backbone of production. They're the people who produce components by ...

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Assembler Job Overview

Assemblers are the backbone of production. They're the people who produce components by assembling parts of virtually anything from toys and household items to electronics and commercial airplanes. This job is repetitive and generally requires standing at the assembly line for the entire duration of your shift, but it's ideal for technically-minded people who enjoy taking things apart and putting them back together.

Depending on the nature of the products being assembled, assembler jobs can be easy and monotonous, or they can be quite complex. Candidates can either work on assembly production by putting together components by hand, or they may be in charge of monitoring production robots and other computer programs, standing by for when the production cycle for a single component is completed so they can begin the next one.

Assembler Job Education Requirements

Assemblers generally don't need to have a university degree, but this depends on the employer and the industry you want to join. Most assembler jobs require you to have a high school diploma and may stipulate that you pass a skills test to ensure you have an aptitude for this type of work. Some employers require an associate's degree from a technical school, or at least in a relevant field, for you to move up in the career track and earn better pay.

Specialized industries, such as aerospace, will even require certification, which could take up to two years to complete.

Assembler Job Market

The demand for assemblers has seen a sharp decline in recent years, as many manufacturing employers have moved production overseas, but this decline has levelled off and we should see a 4 percent growth through 2022 for all occupations. Certain industries have even projected steady job growth over the next decade, especially for the electronics, aerospace, and other high-technology industries.

Assembler Job Salary Information

How much you can expect to make as an assembler really depends on your speciality and your employer. In Canada, assemblers earn hourly rates between C$10.90 and C$22.76, which is between C$23,467 and C$52,547 a year. On average, assemblers make C$15.73 an hour, but that rate goes up with experience and promotions, such as becoming a lead assembler. Starting out as a light assembler could lead to machine operator, machine setter, or machine maintenance jobs.

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