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Carpenter Jobs in Calgary, AB Overview Working as a carpenter involves designing and building things made of wood. ...

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Carpenter Jobs in Calgary, AB Overview

Working as a carpenter involves designing and building things made of wood. These items could include stairways, rafters, cabinetry, siding, doorframes, and partitions. Most carpenters know how to read and interpret blueprints so they can install items in the proper locations. In addition to working with wood, some jobs might also include using drywall, fibreglass, and plastic. Some jobs will also require working with large equipment, such as cranes or pulleys, to get things installed in high places. Those who are interested in pursuing careers in carpentry can look into apprenticeship carpenter jobs in Calgary, AB to learn more about the trade and work under the supervision of an experienced carpenter.

Carpenter Job Market in Calgary, AB

When the construction industry declined in the mid-2000s, carpenters saw a decrease in available work. Since the economy has strengthened again, the job prospects are better, but still show predictions of only fair growth. According to data from Service Canada, only about 150 new jobs will become available for carpenters by 2017. More than 92 per cent of the workforce in this industry works full-time, and nearly 72 per cent have post-secondary education. In certain parts of the country, carpenters are required to work up to 150 hours under the supervision of a licensed carpenter, take a safety course, and meet the conditions for admission to a carpentry course. The requirements are most strict in Quebec, and there aren't as many requirements in Calgary.

Carpenter Job Salaries in Calgary, AB

The average annual income for carpenters in Calgary is C$41,300. There are also opportunities for growth in this industry, such as becoming a carpentry contractor, foreperson, or supervisor. The average income for a supervisor carpenter job in Calgary or a contractor is C$53,200, and typically, experience is the only requirement to oversee other staff members on a construction site or other work location.

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