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Cashier Job Skills

Cashier Job Overview While cashiers usually work in retail, there is significant diversity within the job market. Some ...

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Cashier Job Overview

While cashiers usually work in retail, there is significant diversity within the job market. Some cashiers may work in retail stores while others work in restaurants, theatres, gas stations, and other places where customers pay for items.

Working as a cashier requires several skills. They need to know how to organize cash boxes, store receipts and offer strong customer services. Math is an important skill, even in stores that use electronic cash registers. Cashiers who can perform basic math in their heads can double-check cash registers to make sure customers receive correct change for their purchases. Some people use their cashier experience to develop skills that lead to jobs that offer higher pay.

Most cashiers get paid by the hour rather than being salaried employees. The vast majority of cashiers fill part-time positions.

Cashier Job Education Requirements

Most cashier jobs do not have educational requirements. Some people work as cashiers while attending high school. Progressing to related positions in sales, retail, or management, however, could require a high school or college diploma. Having some college experience can make it easier to secure an assistant store managerposition and similar jobs.

Most of the training needed to work as a cashier happens on the job. Experience using computers and helping customers can help cashiers do their jobs well.

Cashier Job Market

Job opportunities remained flat during most of the 1990s. Recently, they have grown by a small amount. Experts expect the position to grow by about 0.3 percent between 2012 and 2016. This is 0.4 percent slower than the national average.

Cashier Job Salary Information

Cashier jobs pay an average C$18,828 per year, almost C$20,000 less than the average occupation. This amount only applies to those working full-time jobs. About 63 percent of cashier positions, however, are part-time jobs. Part-time employees should expect to earn less than those working full-time.

Cashiers who want to earn more money should consider using their experience in retail to become salespersons or store managers. Some employers may require managers to have a college education. Purchasing managers who have four-year degrees earn an average C$77,367 per year.

Those who don't want to earn college degrees can look for inventory clerk jobs that only require a high school education. Inventory clerks earn an average C$36,543 per year. It is still less than the national average, but it's significantly higher than what most cashiers earn.

Since most cashier jobs are part-time positions; people interested in this type of work may want to develop other skills to advance their careers over time.

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