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Chef Job Skills

Chef Job Overview Employees working in chef jobs have many responsibilities, which will vary from employer to ...

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Chef Job Overview

Employees working in chef jobs have many responsibilities, which will vary from employer to employer. Primarily, a chef is responsible for the commercial preparation of food, often working in restaurants or for catering companies. On a day-to-day basis, a chef's duties can include preparing and cooking food, creating new recipes and planning menus.

Some chef jobs have additional responsibilities, such as supervising the work of other chefs and kitchen workers, coordinating and ordering food supplies and meeting with clients to plan menus for banquets and special events. Executive chefs and those chefs who have supervising roles are often involved in the recruitment process of new chefs. They may also be responsible for instructing cooks in the preparation, cooking, garnishing and presentation of particular dishes.

Chef Job Education Requirements

Applicants looking to be hired in chef jobs should have completed some form of high schooling, such as gaining a cook's trade certification and on-the-job apprenticeships. After gaining significant experience as a sous-chef or specialist chef, a chef can pursue management training and apply their several years of experience in commercial food preparation to gain a position as an executive chef. Interprovincial trade certification and chef de cuisine certification are also available for qualified chefs through the Canadian Culinary Institute of the Canadian Federation of Chefs and Cooks.

Chef Job Market

The job market for chefs in Canada can vary greatly by location. In 2012 there were over 194,000 job opportunities for chefs in Canada, with many of these opportunities being located in heavily populated areas. According to a study by the Canadian Occupational Projection System, during the 2014-2020 period, there will be some projected employment growth, as chefs will benefit from projected growth in the accommodation and food service industries. Domestic tourism, which also benefits chef employment opportunities, is expected to remain strong over the next 10 years, which bodes well for job seekers.

Chef Job Salary Information

In 2014, chefs made an average of about C$14.00 an hour or about C$32,000 annually. Entry-level positions for chefs paid an average of C$27,000 annually, and chefs with more experience earned more money, and those with over 10 years' experience made over C$40,000 on average. The highest reported annual salaries in 2014 topped C$47,000. In addition to experience, location also had an effect on chef salaries. While the national average was about C$32,000, chefs in Toronto made about 1 percent less, but chefs in Vancouver made almost 20 percent more than the national average.

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