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Computer Science Jobs Overview

Computer scientists revolutionize the way we interact with the world. A computer scientist helped you recover from your last illness, allowed you to send photos of your vacation to Aunt Mary, and warned you about that impending tornado last spring. To do this, computer scientists created vital problem-solving software and applications used by healthcare, communication technologies, and sciences like meteorology—things that touch our lives every day. Computer science jobs are open to anyone with a computer science degree and an analytical mindset.

Computer science might be a good field for you if you enjoy identifying and solving problems and staying on top of the latest technological innovations. You'll design and develop software and applications that help scientists and engineers solve complex computing problems, work with and invent new computing languages and tools, and test and analyze computer operations systems.

The overall category of computer science jobs encompasses many occupation titles, including data scientist, database analyst, or database architect. You can expand your search on Monster by looking for other computer jobs. You may also want to consider looking for the following related positions:

Computer Science Education and Skills

To snag a computer scientist job, you will need at least a bachelor's degree in computer science or mathematics. Most employers look for candidates who also have computer programming work experience. Computer scientists must also be adept at working with technological equipment, skilled in research and investigation, good at analyzing information, and successful in managing employees and teams.

Update Your Computer Science Resume

No job application is complete without a resume. Make sure to use the algorithms in a potential employer's application tracking system to your advantage with a well-formatted resume that contains relevant keywords for the role you're applying for. Learn how to optimize your resume by browsing our resume samples and expert writing tips. And even though it's more important for you to know how to write a line of code than an essay, you should brush up on your cover letter skills by reading through our cover letter samples and cover letter tips.

Interviewing for a Computer Science Job

You've found the perfect job and sent your cover letter and resume. When you finally get that call or email from HR inviting you to interview, you might feel ecstatic and anxious all at once. But don't worry—Monster can help you to make a good impression and answer questions with poise. We've put together a library of job interview questions with tips and tricks for formulating strong responses that will impress any hiring manager.

How Much Do Computer Science Jobs Pay?

Go into your interview with a realistic idea of what computer science jobs pay. The median salary for a computer scientist in Ontario is $87,385. In Quebec, the median salary is $93,962. Salaries in the field range from $51,807 to $120,483. Live in a different province? You can put your job title and exact location into Monster's Salary Tool to get an accurate estimate of what computer scientists make in your area. We've also compared the salary in your area to the national average and have listed median salaries for related jobs.

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For a good work experience, you need to fit the job requirements, and the company needs to fit your working style. Our company profiles provide all kinds of information to give you an idea of what to expect, things like:

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