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Construction Job Skills

Construction Jobs Overview Construction jobs are invaluable in developing areas. While there are many jobs in the ...

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Construction Jobs Overview

Construction jobs are invaluable in developing areas. While there are many jobs in the construction industry, one of the most common positions is that of a construction labourer. A labourer:

  • Helps to prepare and clean construction sites;
  • Assists skilled workers by carrying things or performing other simple tasks;
  • Operates heavy equipment to move debris, dig trenches, and perform related excavation activities;
  • And communicates with construction administration managers, supervisors, and other team members on the job site.

Through experience, construction labourers may advance their skills and learn a trade. Construction jobs may be in residential, commercial, or industrial settings.

Construction Job Education Requirements

Construction workers may need little or no postsecondary education. In many cases, the primary requirement for general labourers is that they have the physical strength and stamina necessary to fulfill their job duties. However, some formal education, such as training with heavy machinery or safety certifications, may make candidates more appealing to employers.

Skilled workers, such as electricians and plumbers, have to complete an apprenticeship. Administrative officials often require college education in business or a related field.

Construction Job Market

The outlook for construction jobs throughout Canada is fair. A high turnover rate creates opportunities for employment.

However, construction often waxes and wanes with the economy, and some workers experience long periods of unemployment. Administrative officials who have postsecondary education may be able to work outside of the construction industry during times of low demand. New Brunswick and Manitoba have limited prospects for the construction industry, but the outlook is better in Alberta.

Construction Job Salary Information

Across the country, the median wage for construction workers is C$19 per hour, with an average pay range of C$12 to C$30 per hour. The median wage is slightly higher in Nunavut, coming in at around C$22 per hour. Construction managers make a median of C$35 per hour.

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