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Cook Job Overview If friends consider you a devoted "foodie," or you're always fascinated by the planning and ...

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Cook Job Overview

If friends consider you a devoted "foodie," or you're always fascinated by the planning and preparation that goes into a delicious meal, consider a career as a cook. There are many specific career paths to choose from, ranging from a short-order cook to a cafeteria cook. Whereas a short-order cook focuses on providing quick service and may prepare several things simultaneously, cafeteria cooks are more likely to work with a limited menu and prepare large batches of food that adhere to pre-set menus.

Typically, cooks handle duties that include:

  • Weighing and measuring ingredients for recipes
  • Verifying food freshness
  • Cooking foods by baking, broiling, frying, roasting, and grilling them
  • Presenting plates of food in aesthetically pleasing ways
  • Keeping food preparation areas clean
  • Washing equipment and utensils

Some people may take part in other food service industry roles, such as by working in wait staff and serving jobs before they decide to learn cooking skills. Once cooks become extremely skilled and in demand, they may be asked to hold classes for community members or aspiring culinary arts students.

Cook Job Education Requirements

After completing high school, expect to either begin a 3-year apprenticeship program for cooks, or complete cooking school. In some rare cases, it's not necessary to complete an apprenticeship or cooking college, provided you have several years of cooking experience in the commercial sector.

Cook Job Market

Both the food service and accommodation sectors are currently enjoying significant success in Canada, which is good news for people who are considering cook jobs. However, from now through 2020, analysts say the number of job seekers should be greater than the number of available positions.

As people retire from the workforce, that will create some openings for new candidates for cook jobs, but in general, cooks tend to be younger than people employed in other industries, so retirement does not impact industry job openings as much as it does in some sectors. Trade certification is voluntary in all provinces, but people who wish to stand out from other job applicants may wish to get certified.

Cook Job Salary Information

The hourly wage for cooks in Canada ranges from about C$11 to C$17 depending on the province. Head cooks and executive chefs are likely to earn more than that, and earning possibilities are also good for people who work in private environments, such as households.

Some people look at cooking as a chore. If you consider it a delight instead, think about putting your passion to use and introducing people to tasty dishes as you work as a cook in Canada.

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