Cruise Ship Job Skills

Cruise Ship Jobs Cruise ship jobs come in a variety of forms. Some common positions on cruise ships include: ...

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Cruise Ship Jobs

Cruise ship jobs come in a variety of forms. Some common positions on cruise ships include:

  • Housekeepers
  • Maintenance technicians,
  • Waiters and waitresses,
  • Entertainers,
  • Physicians and other medical staff,
  • Videographers,
  • Tour guides,
  • Entertainment directors and schedulers,
  • And officers

The availability of jobs on a particular vessel depends on the ship's size and the amenities it offers to passengers. Working on a cruise ship presents an opportunity for traveling to new places and meeting new people. Cruise ships jobs may be temporary positions since cruises to some places, such as Alaska, may not run throughout the year. However, some ships run year-round and go on excursions that only last a couple of days.

Cruise Ship Job Education Requirements

The education requirements for cruise ship jobs vary among specific job titles. For example, a vessel's physician will need to have completed medical school. Lower-level jobs, such as those in housekeeping, may require minimal education. Tour guides and entertainment directors should have excellent organizational and communication skills regardless of their formal education.

Everyone who works on a cruise ship should be able to stay calm in an emergency and know what to do if a vessel encounters trouble at sea.

Cruise Ship Job Market

The cruise ship job market is fair, and opportunities may be especially plentiful during high travel seasons, such as the summer and around the holidays. People interested in working for a cruise line should investigate moving to a coastal city where cruise ships regularly dock.

Cruise Ship Job Salary Information

Passenger attendants on cruise ships typically make between C$10 and C$20 per hour, with the median wage standing at C$15 per hour. Cruise line employees with jobs that require more experience, such as medical staff members and chefs, can take in significantly more money. Cruise lines often offer appealing perks to crew members, including free air travel to port cities and free laundry service while on board.

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