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Customer Service Career Information

Customer Service Job Overview In a very real way, the customer service professional will often determine the success or ...

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Customer Service Job Overview

In a very real way, the customer service professional will often determine the success or failure of a business. Obviously, this role implies that a number of different skills that are required. Some fields will rely upon a strong telemarketer team while another role could revolve around the responsibilities of a front desk clerk. The sector of customer service can be as rewarding as it will be challenging. As this tends to be a sales-driven platform, the chances of encountering substantial commissions and promotions are always a possibility.

Customer Service Job Education Requirements

Above all, a customer service professional needs to possess excellent person-to-person skills. The ability to (and often sales-related) communicate effectively is a must. Any prospective candidate should be willing to learn tasks while being able to work in a competitive environment. The talent of absorbing new information quickly is beneficial and possessing a second language, such as Spanish, is frequently desired. With the implementation of modern technology, a robust knowledge of computers is desirable. Basic software such as Microsoft Word and Excel tend to be used across the industry and systems for data entry and logging such as Salesforce are undoubtedly a welcome bonus. Above all, the applicant should have the necessary will and desire to meet and exceed demanding expectations.

Customer Service Job Market

Similar to many sales-related industries, the customer service sector is quite lucrative within Canada. As businesses emerge from a protracted recession and expand their operations, the need for qualified and professional representatives has dramatically increased. While this can be considered a service-sector position, the influx of technology has allowed for an increased specialization; promoting competition and offering the potential to enjoy lucrative bonus packages.

Customer Service Job Salary Information

As of the recent figures, the average customer service representative can expect to earn a median salary of $40,647 dollars. Although this pay may be modest, it will increase with both time and experience. As an example, a customer service manager will garner a substantial $52,379 dollars in 2014.

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