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Education Career Information

Education Job Overview For job seekers beginning a career in education, looking for their next step up, or seeking a ...

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Education Job Overview

For job seekers beginning a career in education, looking for their next step up, or seeking a challenging leadership role, the breadth of choices available for jobs in education is staggering. Many people consider teaching a wonderful career, offering the chance to make a real difference to children starting out in life. There is the option to work with pre-schoolers, elementary or high school pupils, but education jobs also encompass such diverse roles as vocational trainers and assessors, teachers' aides, school principals, education managers and sports coaches. It's possible to specialize in library services, youth programs, language or music tuition and much more. Education jobs in support service cover administrators and recruiters, and there is also the field of special needs education.

Education Job Requirements

Each education role has its own specific qualification requirements. Every province manages its own teacher accreditation, but it's generally necessary to gain an undergraduate degree with a Bachelor of Education qualification as well. High school teachers must demonstrate their competency in their chosen subject, usually in the form of university credits. To specialize in working with special needs pupils, then a designated qualification, such as a first or post-graduate degree may be required. Education managers are often expected to gain a post-graduate qualification as well as having significant experience in education. Specialty fields such as sports or music coaches, or vocational trainers, will have their own requirements, often including a professional qualification in their chosen field.

Education Job Market

The job market for teachers is extremely competitive. In some provinces only around 30 percent of teachers who qualified in 2011 were able to secure a job, with many relying on temporary posts to survive. Figures suggest that the situation for teachers remains difficult.

Education Job Salary Information

Elementary school teacher salaries are an average $49,603 and a high school teacher earns an average of $51,465. Teachers' aides are generally paid around $15.16 per hour. The range of salaries for other jobs varies widely, depending on the exact nature of the job concerned and the level of qualifications needed.

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