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Electrical engineer Job Skills

Electrical Engineer Job Overview Electrical engineers design, create, and improve products and devices that use or ...

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Electrical Engineer Job Overview

Electrical engineers design, create, and improve products and devices that use or produce electricity. While some people use the terms "electrical engineer" and "electronics engineer" interchangeably, electrical engineers are more often focused on the devices that generate or transmit electrical currents while electronics engineers focus on the products and devices that use electricity. Some tasks those in electrical engineer jobs might perform include:

  • Evaluating the electricity needs of a product and devising the wiring and circuitry of electrical components
  • Testing electrical components and correcting design flaws
  • Creating technical drawings and specifications and develop manuals for installation and use of products
  • Conducting research on new technology

Electrical Engineer Job Education Requirements

Electrical engineers must complete a four-year post-secondary degree program at a minimum; many electrical engineers earn advanced degrees, especially if they work in research and development. In addition, electrical engineers must belong to the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec in order to work in this profession and use the designation "engineer." Some provincial governments also require additional licensing and certification before working as an electrical engineer.

Electrical Engineer Job Market

The outlook for electrical engineer jobs in Canada is fair to average. Growth is expected to be just less than 1 percent per year. Because of the diminished demand for electronics and computer products, growth in the field of electrical engineering is expected to be slightly below average for other occupations. Electrical engineers with aerospace experience will have higher than average chances of finding employment, however.

Electrical Engineer Job Salary Information

The average annual salary for an electrical engineer is C$79,909, with a median of C$64,089. The average salary range is C$46,759 to C$96,746. Factors that affect pay for electrical engineers include project management experience, specialised industry experience, and geographic location. Years of experience affects salaries as well with senior electrical engineers making more. Salaries in Calgary are roughly 18 percent above average while in Windsor, they are 20 percent below.

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