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Electrician Job Skills

Electrician Job Overview Electricians play an important role in the safe usage of power in homes, businesses and ...

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Electrician Job Overview

Electricians play an important role in the safe usage of power in homes, businesses and industrial structures. They use wiring and fuses to transmit the power into switches and power outlets. In addition to installing and repairing existing wiring and fuses, electricians also work with high voltage wiring and work with wires for data, voice and video transmissions. Most electricians work for electrical contractors, but some are self-employed. It can be a dangerous job since electricians are working with high-powered wiring that may cause shocks and burns.

Electrician Job Education Requirements

Electricians typically must complete an apprenticeship program in order to learn the business under a licensed electrician. Before a candidate can enrol in an apprenticeship, he or she usually must complete high school. The apprenticeship programs last up to four years and will include more than 100 hours of classroom education, along with 2,000 or more hours of hands-on training each year. After completing the apprenticeship, an electrician may also need to complete an exam to obtain a licence.

Electrician Job Market

Electrician jobs are on the rise, and there are more available jobs than are opening in other industries. Those who want to advance their careers can also look into working as an electrical estimator, which involves determining the cost to repair and/or replace wiring and fuses. Most electrical contractors also have a supervisor or contractor on-site that can assist if any questions or concerns arise during the project.

Electrician Job Salary Information

Electrician jobs bring in an average salary of C$27.43 per hour. Those working as electrical contractors or supervisors can earn higher salaries. Something to consider before going into electrical work is that many of these employees work nights and weekends to finish jobs for businesses that need to stay open during regular business hours. These irregular hours may qualify for overtime pay, which can be beneficial for those who are looking to earn a little extra.

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