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Engineering Career Information

Engineering Job Overview Engineering, in all its forms, is responsible for all parts of the modern world as we know ...

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Engineering Job Overview

Engineering, in all its forms, is responsible for all parts of the modern world as we know it. In all areas, from health care to media, transport to food production and water processing, engineering professionals work hard to ensure the quality of life that is expected in the 21st century is met. The profession is diverse, with specialization available in Mechanical, Civil and Electrical fields, among others. Generally speaking, an engineer focuses on problem solving. There are opportunities for those wanting to start out in the field as engineering aides. These positions don’t usually require post-secondary education, but there is little room for growth or advancement. Another similar job option is an engineering co-op, where applicants work under the direct supervision of an engineer. These jobs are available throughout most of the specialties.

Engineering Job Education Requirements

Out of school prospective engineers will have strong math skills and a good understanding of physics to help secure a place on an undergraduate degree program in the field they wish to pursue. While not crucial, knowledge of chemistry and applied mathematics will also come in handy, but these topics are generally taught at an introductory level to freshman. Many continue to postgraduate level upon completing a Bachelor's degree, but there are plenty of jobs available for those who would rather begin working straight away.

Engineering Job Market

Engineers are sought after in all walks of life, not necessarily related to their technical field. The ability to problem-solve, organize information and apply logic, as well as a high degree of numeracy, skills which engineers learn in college, are key attributes that employers seek. Often, engineering graduates can find themselves in demand for roles in management, finance and education, to name a few. Working in their chosen specialization, an engineer can expect to work in design, research, field work and logistics, depending on the engineering roles sought. Overall, however, according to sources, the trend has shown that more engineers retire than are hired in Canada and there is an imbalance in the demand and supply of engineers.

Engineering Job Salary Information

Salaries for engineering graduates vary with experience and discipline, but earnings tend to be above average and reflect the importance of the work they do. Studies show that those who obtain postgraduate degrees increase their average salary in the long term and those who pursue management roles tend to earn more.

  • Aide or Co-op: $36,300-$48,600
  • Graduate: $30,000-$35,000
  • Senior Engineer: $55,000-$85,000
  • Engineering Manager: $65,000-$140,000
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