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Entry level accounting Job Skills

Entry-Level Accounting Job Overview For many professionals, a position as a bookkeeper, an accounting clerk , or an ...

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Entry-Level Accounting Job Overview

For many professionals, a position as a bookkeeper, an accounting clerk, or an accountant is their first experience working in the accounting field. All of these positions require professionals to be detail-oriented and proficient in mathematics.

Bookkeepers work with their employers' financial transactions to offer a comprehensive picture of business income and expenses. Bookkeepers may also create internal financial documents, such as invoices and financial reports. A business manager or accountant may review their work.

An accountant has many of the same duties as a bookkeeper but with greater responsibility. Accounting clerks assist accountants with simple tasks, such as comparing the information on supplier invoices to purchase orders or monitoring the payroll. Unlike bookkeepers, accounting clerks typically work with one area of the business, such as accounts payable or inventory.

Entry-Level Accounting Job Education Requirements

The type of entry-level accounting jobs you are eligible for depend on your level of education. Bookkeepers and accounting clerk positions require no more than a high-school diploma, although an associate's degree can give candidates an edge. Since accountants need a more comprehensive understanding of financial matters, they need to have at least a bachelor's degree in accounting.

Entry-Level Accounting Job Market

The job market is strong for entry-level accounting professionals. Jobs in a range of industries include accounting services, public administration, trade, and manufacturing. Entry-level accounting professionals with at least a bachelor's degree have the greatest job prospects.

Entry-Level Accounting Job Salary Information

Bookkeepers in Canada earn a median hourly wage of C$18.97. Accounting clerks are typically compensated with a median hourly rate across the country of C$19.23. However, despite these wage payments, working as an accountant is the most lucrative entry-level accounting job, with an average hourly rate of C$29, reflecting the advanced education of these professionals.

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