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Flight Attendant Job Overview Flight attendants, also known as airline stewards and stewardesses, are responsible for ...

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Flight Attendant Job Overview

Flight attendants, also known as airline stewards and stewardesses, are responsible for making sure that passengers on flights remain safe and comfortable during travel. Some duties of flight attendants include:

  • Knowing all the safety procedures for a particular aircraft;
  • Following the captain's directions and paying attention to things such as weather conditions in order to be ready for emergencies;
  • Inspecting the airplane, making sure that equipment functions properly;
  • Informing passengers about safety procedures;
  • And caring for the customers during the flight. This may include fetching food and drinks, looking for help for ill passengers, and trying to calm down cantankerous or panicking passengers.

Flight attendant jobs may be available for commercial as well as private airlines.

Flight Attendant Job Education Requirements

Most airlines require that candidates for flight attendant jobs have at least a high school diploma, though some employers will give preference to those with a postsecondary education.

Potential flight attendants should be able to pass extensive background checks.

After being hired, attendants must complete extensive training as prescribed by the airline. Such training could last between six weeks and six months. Candidates must become familiar with the particular type of aircraft in which they will spend most of their time flying. Candidates who are fluent in French will have an added advantage over non-bilingual candidates.

Flight Attendant Job Market

The job prospects for flight attendants are fair in most areas and are particularly strong in cities with major airports. For example, the Calgary region offers good opportunities for qualified people who wish to secure this job. Isolated areas with little or no air travel have poorer prospects.

Flight Attendant Job Salary Information

Across Canada, the range of pay for flight attendants is between C$12 and C$45 per hour, with a median wage of around C$21 per hour. The median wage is especially high in Alberta, around C$31 per hour.

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