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Food Service Jobs

Kitchen help/ Food handler/Wait staff

Company Confidential

$15 / Per Hour

Pickering, ON

Apprentice Cook

J.D. Irving, Limited - Woodlands

$17.81 / Per Hour

Juniper, NB


Raddall Development Limited o/a Rum Runners Cake

$15 / Per Hour

Halifax, NS

ITSM Specialist

Apex Systems Inc

Toronto, ON

Retail Sales Manager

Hightain Group Corp.

$38 / Per Hour


Line Cook

John and Sons Oyster House

$18 - $20 / Per Hour


Full time butcher/ meat cutter

Fortinos Neyagawa

$18 - $20 / Per Hour

Oakville, ON

Cashier, cook, supervisor, manager

Popeyes Louisiana kitchen

$22 / Per Hour

Toronto, ON

Retail Butcher

Wagener's Meat Product and Delicatessen Limited

$24.1 / Per Hour

Etobicoke, ON

Food Service Jobs Overview

If you are a big foodie, enjoy working with others, and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty, then a career in food service may be just for you. The wonderful thing about this industry is it is so incredibly diverse. The food sector makes up of dozens of different jobs that can range in salary, responsibilities, and qualifications.

Food service jobs include roles such as food service assistants, servers, chefs, wine experts, general managers, and many more. Each role plays a fundamental part in the production and delivery of quality food and beverage products. And many of these roles provide opportunities for growth, advancement, and cross-skilling.

Food service workers may be employed anywhere that food is served in large quantities. This could be within a restaurant, school cafeteria, a corporate office’s dining facility, a food court, or for banquets and events. As you explore your options in the food service field, you may also want to consider roles such as:

Food Service Qualifications and Education

The qualifications required for food service jobs depend on the specific position you’re aiming for. Many junior food industry roles—such as food assistant, busser, restaurant host, or food warehouse worker—typically won’t require a post-secondary diploma. However, you may need certain certificates to qualify. For example, some jobs may require a food safety certificate or a form of qualification in basic culinary skills.

What’s more, senior roles such as a restaurant manager may require a degree in a subject such as business or marketing. Check out our restaurant manager description sample for a more detailed explanation. As for professional chefs, usually at least one formal culinary qualification will be needed. So be sure to check the exact qualifications required for each individual food service role before you apply.

How Much Do Food Service Workers Earn?

A food service worker’s salary range can depend on their level of seniority and location. Use our Salary Tool to find out what you can expect for food service jobs in your area.

To get an idea of how much a salary can vary by location, a food service team member in British Columbia can expect to earn a median salary of $15.09 per hour, whereas for the same role in New Brunswick, the median hourly salary is $13.56.

And a restaurant manager in British Columbia can expect a median annual salary of $48,912, yet the same role in New Brunswick has an estimated median annual salary of $35,847.

Update Your Food Service Resume

Before you apply for food service jobs, your resume should be up to date. It’s a good idea to tailor your resume for each job you apply for and include specific examples of where you’ve excelled in previous roles. An updated resume, along with a well-written cover letter, may be just what you need to get that initial first interview.

For the latest in resume and cover letter tips, check out our tips for how to write a winning resume, as well as cover letter samples for inspiration. We also have some that are specifically aimed at food industry jobs. For instance, we have this barista resume sample and also this line cook resume sample.

Interviewing for Food Service Jobs

We totally get it—interviews can be scary and are rarely people’s favorite activity. But they’re also unavoidable when it comes to landing most jobs. So why not use our interview articles to help you excel at each stage of the interview process?

From phone interviews to those often-dreaded panel interviews, we’ve got tips and tricks to help you stay calm and perform at your very best.

Want to Learn More About a Company You’re Interested In?

When you’ve landed an interview, we recommend you thoroughly research the company before you attend. This way you can earn brownie points during the interview itself, as interviewers are typically impressed by candidates that have done their homework and are able to demonstrate knowledge about their organization.

To find out more about major companies in Canada, use our company profiles portal. Here you’ll get access to:

  • size and locations
  • benefits, culture, and mission
  • job openings

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