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General Manager Job Overview General managers are needed in nearly every industry. They are in a position of authority ...

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General Manager Job Overview

General managers are needed in nearly every industry. They are in a position of authority within a company or organization, and they need to possess both interpersonal and leadership skills. Those who work in general manager jobs are responsible for communications between district managers, other superiors, customers, mid-level managers who report to the general manager, and employees.

As professionals who also have to keep an eye on sales at all times, general managers work within the company to set financial goals. They may work with individual employees to set specific sales goals that are challenging but attainable. In retail, these managers typically have the final say in all decisions that need to be made at the store level.

General Manager Job Education Requirements

Most employers prefer general managers who have at least a bachelor's degree in business or a related field. A general manager should try to attain a Master of Business Administration degree, however, in order to remain competitive in a changing job market. Continuing one's education with marketing and business courses to stay on top of changes in technology is also a good idea. Those who don't want to pursue a high level of education may consider other sales jobs or part time jobs.

General Manager Job Market

The estimated job growth for general managers within the next decade is 12 percent, which is similar to the projected growth rate for all other occupations. As the economy is expected to continue to grow, general managers will be needed in stores throughout the country. Administrative jobs will remain essential within most industries, though job duties and individual responsibilities may change.

General Manager Job Salary Information

The wages that are offered for general manager jobs vary greatly. General managers typically earn between $40,000 and $200,000. However, even that wide range is sometimes exceeded. When combined with other perks and bonuses, the salaries that general managers command are greater than the average for all occupations. By building a work history with strong accomplishments in sales and management, general managers are in the best position to earn a high salary.

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