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Government Job Overview Working for the government gives an opportunity to take an active part in the running and ...

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Government Job Overview

Working for the government gives an opportunity to take an active part in the running and organization of an area. There is a very wide range of jobs, so there is bound to find something that suits everyone's skills. Those interested in office-based jobs could consider such diverse areas as the Office for the Information Commissioner of Canada or the Office for the Procurement Ombudsman. There is also a variety of jobs in the tax and revenue field, including Taxpayers Ombudsman. Job seekers with an interest in law and order may enjoy working for the Parole Board of Canada, The Public Prosecution Service, the Criminal Intelligence Service, or even the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Options with more of a practical focus include park rangers and nature environment jobs, and military options include the Canada Air Force, Canada Army and Canada Navy. Jobs based in the museum service include institutions such as the Canada Museum of Nature and the Canada Museum of Immigration.

Government Job Education Requirements

Because there is such a diverse range of government jobs available, the exact requirements for each specific role must be researched carefully. As a general rule, employers require a qualification and / or relevant experience in the chosen field. For example, senior roles such as high-level management are likely to require a post-graduate degree in a related field, such as a Ph.D. together with a minimum of two years' experience in the field. Other jobs, such as Park Ranger, may require a minimum of a High School Diploma, together with vocational qualifications (e.g. First Aid certificate). A Bachelor degree is often required for jobs, and sometimes a qualification in an additional language may also be needed.

Government Job Market

Statistical information shows that the number of public sector jobs in Canada have declined, making it difficult to break into the market for government jobs.

Government Job Salary Information

The remuneration for government jobs varies significantly, depending on the nature and seniority of the role.

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