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Healthcare Career Information

Healthcare Job Overview Healthcare employees are always in demand. It is a huge industry providing opportunities in ...

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Healthcare Job Overview

Healthcare employees are always in demand. It is a huge industry providing opportunities in both the public and private sectors. Canada has hundreds of hospitals and each of them needs administrators, technicians, doctors, nurses, porters, accountants, radiologists, receptionists, paramedics and staff from several other areas to support them. Pharmaceutical manufacturing and hospitals feature in the 2013 survey of Canada's top 100 employers with thousands of jobs related to healthcare. Nursing homes providing residential care for the elderly to assist with independent living in retirement need staff round the clock. Whether you are looking to start a career as a carer or as a manager of a department, there are many opportunities for employment in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Job Education Requirements

Being able to communicate in French can bring applicants a great advantage. Professional positions require appropriate training and qualifications that meet current standards, and oral and written skills are important to ensure accurate communication. Nurses require Canadian citizenship, or proof of permanent or authorized residency as well as Registered Nurse (RN) or Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) qualifications. Entry level qualifications for carers will call for Vulnerable Position/Sector Screening (VPS), a high school standard of education to avail of on the job training to meet good practice for safe handling of patients and understanding the challenges of assistance with daily living activities. Technicians need appropriate certification for their area of expertise.

Healthcare Job Market

The market is healthy in both private and public sectors due round-the-clock care. Such hours lend themselves to job share possibilities, full-time and part-time work and temporary cover for maternity leave and long term absence. Agencies also require staff for emergency cover, which presents opportunities for work across several establishments. The latest innovations in healthcare see high demand for Registered Nurse Performed Flexible Sigmoidoscopy (RNFS) and Registered Nurse - Surgical First Assist (RN-SFA) positions. From Project Management to dietitian positions, the healthcare industry has a slot for everyone.

Healthcare Job Salary Information

Average pay for nurses based is $30.79 per hour. Programmers can expect salaries in the region of $80,000 - $90,000.

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