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Heavy Equipment Operator Job Skills

Heavy Equipment Operator Job Overview Heavy equipment operators work in the construction industry . They operate, ...

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Heavy Equipment Operator Job Overview

Heavy equipment operators work in the construction industry. They operate, drive, and maneuver large pieces of equipment including trucks, excavators, loaders, backhoes, graders, and more. These professionals are responsible for understanding how to operate equipment safely, and many must also know how to maintain or repair heavy equipment. They must perform regular safety checks, clean equipment regularly, and request major repairs as necessary. Heavy equipment operators often work on construction sites as well as on public works sites.

Heavy Equipment Operator Job Education Requirements

Rather than educational requirements, most heavy equipment operators must possess a certain set of skills and knowledge. Heavy equipment operators should be patient and focused, as well as possess excellent verbal communication and stress management skills. These professionals should also have great problem-solving skills and a strong work ethic. Jobs in this industry tend to be physically demanding and can expose candidates to extreme temperature and environmental conditions.

Heavy Equipment Operator Job Market

Nationwide, the job market for heavy equipment operators is good. While only a moderate number of professionals in the field are expected to retire, employment growth is expected to be strong. Since heavy equipment operator jobs are largely seasonal, the job market changes throughout the year. In some provinces, candidates can find numerous job opportunities during the colder months, while opportunities are plentiful during summer in other provinces. When seeking jobs, candidates should be aware of the specific seasonal and economic demands in their area.

Heavy Equipment Operator Job Salary Information

Across Canada, heavy equipment operator jobs pay an average of C$25 per hour. Entry-level heavy equipment operators can expect to earn an average of C$16 per hour, while experienced professionals earn an average of C$34 per hour. On average, candidates in Alberta earn the highest salaries, with an average of C$30 per hour.

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