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Human resources manager Job Skills

Human Resources Manager Job Overview Human resources manager jobs are available in nearly any type of company. HR ...

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Human Resources Manager

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Human Resources Manager

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Human Resources Manager Job Overview

Human resources manager jobs are available in nearly any type of company. HR managers are responsible for recruiting, interviewing, and hiring new employees. They serve as an essential link between upper management and other workers within the company. Human resources managers strive to place employees in a way that will best use their skills and talents.

Human resources managers must also mediate disputes and handle any issues that employees are having on the job. This may include teaching sexual harassment seminars, educating management on equal employment opportunity programs, and helping employees navigate the benefits available to them. Many human resources managers specialize in a particular area of HR, particularly in large companies. They may work closely with payroll, recruiting, or labour relations.

Human Resources Manager Job Education Requirements

Human resource managers typically need a bachelor's degree in business administration or human resources. However, a high school degree in another area combined with courses specific to human resources can equip you for this job as well. If you're seeking employment with a big company, a master's degree in labour relations or human resources will give you the necessary edge in a competitive market.

The Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) oversees 20,000 members in Ontario. The Human Resources Management Association serves Vancouver. The HR Certification Institute provides certification worldwide for professionals in this field.

Human Resources Manager Job Market

Job opportunities for human resource managers in Canada are fair. Human resources manager jobs often serve as an entry point for higher management positions, so job openings are often the result of promotions. Though employment growth in this area is average, turnover among HR managers should continue to make human resource manager jobs available.

A position as a human resources manager typically leads to a career as a human resources director or senior human resources manager. In turn, these jobs can lead to a promotion to executive director, vice president of human resources, or even chief executive officer (CEO).

Human Resources Manager Job Salary Information

The median salary for human resources managers in Canada is C$66,089. Base salaries typically fall between C$46,616 and C$89,314. HR managers can also receive bonuses up to C$11,958, and profit-sharing benefits between C$496.34 and C$10,012. Altogether, this gives human resources managers a total annual income of C$45,875 to C$95,181. Pay increases with experience. Entry level managers typically make under C$60,000, while those with 5 to 10 years of experience can make over C$70,000.

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