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Data Modeler

Emerald IT Consulting Inc.

$70 - $85 / Per Hour

North York, ON

12 days ago
Systems Administrator

ARC Business Solutions Inc.


11 days ago
Sr. Performance Test Engineer


Vancouver, BC

10 days ago
IT Help Desk Technician

ARC Business Solutions Inc.


11 days ago
Software Development Manager, Release Engineering


Ottawa, ON

11 days ago
Data Systems Architect

Emerald IT Consulting Inc.

$90 - $110 / Per Hour

Mississauga, ON

12 days ago
Abinitio Lead


London, ON

9 days ago
IT Architect, Development and Middleware


Toronto, ON

22 days ago
Technical Solution Manager – Network and Capital Infrastructure (IIT0071)


$98848 - $138551 / Per Year


15 days ago

IT Jobs Overview

The IT department is the brains of a company. Without IT jobs, processing payroll, keeping inventory, and communicating would have to be done by hand and on paper. (Believe it or not, it once was.) The IT department enables businesses to be faster, smarter, more efficient, and more innovative. As part of an IT team, you'll work on projects that will help your organization to grow and become more efficient.

Some of the primary responsibilities in an IT job include developing, testing, and implementing IT business solutions. You'll help create strategies and policies for managing and securing information systems and monitor for data breaches as well as make recommendations for software, hardware, and cloud products. Businesses have a growing need for employees who can manage their IT systems—according to the Canadian Occupational Project System (COPS), there will be a shortage of qualified IT workers over the next decade.

When searching for IT jobs on Monster, you can conduct a broader search for computer jobs. Looking for these specialty IT job positions will further expand your search:

IT Education and Skills

IT jobs require at least a bachelor's degree in computer science or specialized fields of computer systems or software engineering. Courses included in an IT degree program usually include:

  • Computer networking
  • Cyber security
  • Computer programming
  • Analytics
  • Project management
  • Business courses

Since working as a computer programmer is a prerequisite for most jobs in IT, taking a part-time programming job while in school is a good idea. Some employers may want you to have training or a certificate from the software vendors they use the most. Read through this job description for an IT manager to get a better idea of what skills and experience employers are looking for in candidates.

You will attract an employer's attention if you have a background in business administration, processing information, and projecting outcomes. Other essential skills for anyone considering an IT job are numeracy, oral communication, writing, and digital technology.

Update Your IT Job Resume

How's your resume looking? If it needs to be updated, or if you need to create your first resume, Monster can help. We have an IT resume sample. You'll need a cover letter to accompany your resume—we have that covered, too. Here are cover letter writing tips and cover letter samples to inspire you.

Interviewing for an IT Job

You applied for a job and got an interview. Now comes the hard part—meeting with your potential new team and explaining why you're the best person for the job. Don't sweat it—we'll help you through this sometimes intimidating situation by giving you an idea of the most common questions you may need to face and how to formulate responses that are sure to impress your interviewers.

How Much Do IT Jobs Pay?

Job postings rarely state the position's salary. But we can give you a range of what you can expect. For example, the median salary for a systems analyst in Manitoba is $80,343, while the median salary for a network engineer and architect in Nova Scotia is $83,975 a year. Check out Monster's Salary Tools to find out what you can expect to make in an IT job in different parts of the country. While you're there, take a look at the list of skills that can boost your value and ways to advance in your career.

Want to Learn More About a Company You're Interested In?

Write your cover letter or go into that interview knowing some basics about your prospective employer. Monster's company profiles can give you that insight. Details may include:

  • Information about the company's products or services.
  • Company value and growth.
  • Locations, headquarters, and size.

Is It Time to Jump Into the IT Job Market?

Are you ready with a resume, cover letter, and realistic salary expectations? Even if you're still preparing, you can get an idea of what IT jobs are available by looking on this page. Put yourself out there by creating a profile on Monster. It's a great way to catch the attention of employers and recruiters. Monster will take care of you, too, with personalized job alerts and job-hunting tips.