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Language Translation Career Information

Language Translation Job Overview Language translation is becoming an increasingly important part of the global ...

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Language Translation Job Overview

Language translation is becoming an increasingly important part of the global business community. As the world is now more interconnected than ever before, enterprises have expanded their client bases far beyond national borders. Thus, the need for a knowledgeable and proficient translator has taken center stage in countless operations. Positions such as a bilingual account executive have now become commonplace and thanks to such a high demand, professional translators can usually expect a rewarding career. Still, there are numerous requirements that will need to be fulfilled in order to enjoy the many windfalls that these positions offer.

Language Translation Job Education Requirements

While there are some roles that will simply need a native speaker (such as a bilingual customer care representative), others will require a substantial amount of education. Upper-level positions or translators in the legal and medical fields will dictate a four-year bachelor's degree in a foreign language, international relations or business management, to name but a few different fields of study. Additionally, securing a lucrative position may also entail an internship at a reputable firm. This will provide both the confidence and the experience necessary to manage what can sometimes prove to be exceedingly challenging projects. Of course, native speakers of a foreign language are more desirable. Robust communication skills and even past sales experience can be attractive bonuses to an employer.

Language Translation Job Market

Due to the fact that Canada has become an integral part of the international business community, there is a growing demand for translators. Languages such as French and Spanish are two of the most common demands when it comes to needing an interpreter, however, recent studies have pointed out that Russian and Chinese (Mandarin) will be needed in the near future. It should also be noted here that written transcribers and in-house interpreters are highly prized in many organizations.

Language Translation Job Salary Information

According to statistical data, the median salary for an interpreter or translator is $44,859 dollars per year. When bonuses and commissions are taken into account, it is observed that the pay scale can reach as high as $64,884 dollars.

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