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Maintenance Career Information

Maintenance Job Overview Maintenance positions are critical to maintain the stability of our industries and ...

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Maintenance Job Overview

Maintenance positions are critical to maintain the stability of our industries and infrastructure. Unsurprisingly, this is a rather broad category due to the scope of operations and the sheer variety within the field. From entry-level machine technicians to maintenance managers, these jobs are quite important within our daily lives. Thus, it is obvious that different talents will suit equally different needs within this massive sector.

Maintenance Job Education Requirements

As seen in the last section, maintenance jobs will require various levels of expertise. Highway or landscape maintenance may frequently require nothing more than a strong back and the ability to operate basic machinery. However, roles such as a supervisor at a chemical plant will entail a much more bespoke training package. In the latter case, the individual will likely need vocational training, a specialized degree - such as in science, engineering or math - and an apprenticeship. Additionally, health and safety certifications can also be necessary. This can include courses in the Canadian OHS system. As a supervisor is likely to be responsible for a number of employees, excellent interpersonal skills, the ability to perform under pressure and a talent for multitasking are also critical components.

Maintenance Job Market

Maintenance is considered a necessary field. Therefore, this industry can be seen as being rather independent of market conditions. Indeed, studies have shown that the sector has experienced a sustainable amount of growth during the last decade. It should still be noted that as the job market is increasingly competitive, higher levels of training may be necessary in order to secure a position. Therefore, it is always wise to seek all proper certifications and schooling; these may give the applicant an "edge" over the remainder of the unskilled labor force.

Maintenance Job Salary Information

Statistics illustrate that as of 2014, the average hourly salary for a maintenance mechanic is twenty-two dollars an hour. Note that this figure does not include overtime, bonuses or profit sharing. When these are taken into consideration, an entry-level position can earn as much as $73,461 dollars per year.

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