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Maintenance Planner Job Overview Maintenance planner jobs are important in industrial environments. Those who hold ...

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Maintenance Planner Job Overview

Maintenance planner jobs are important in industrial environments. Those who hold this job are responsible for making sure all machinery continues to operate efficiently and safely. Some duties of a maintenance planner may include:

  • Communicating with machine operators and other workers to diagnose issues and create plans to remedy those issues.
  • Acting as a maintenance supervisor to make sure all repairs are completed correctly and in a timely manner.
  • Communicating with leadership and making important recommendations.
  • Educating workers about how to recognize and report potential maintenance issues.
  • Studying various machines to become familiar with the maintenance tasks required for each one.
  • Obtaining permits for necessary work.

Maintenance Planner Job Education Requirements

The education requirements for maintenance planner jobs are not very specific. The requirements will vary depending on the employer. One company many want someone to oversee manufacturing plants, while another company may have a fleet of vehicles that needs attention.

Those who wish to become maintenance planners should have keen organizational skills, a basic understanding of mechanics, and the ability to communicate clearly in both spoken and written formats.

Maintenance Planner Job Market

Job prospects for people in this field are fair. Demand will fluctuate with the economy, and expected growth for this occupation is on par with the expected growth across all occupations in Canada. When businesses that operate a large number of machines do well, the demand for maintenance planners should increase accordingly. Experienced, knowledgeable maintenance planners may have the best chances of securing a job.

Maintenance Planner Job Salary Information

The median pay for maintenance planners across Canada is roughly C$30 per hour, but the average pay ranges from C$16 to C$51 per hour. Pay is generally higher in Alberta and New Brunswick than it is in other areas, such as Quebec, where the median pay is below C$30 per hour.

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