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Management and Executive Career Information

Management and Executive Job Overview Upper-level staff represent the operational "backbone" of any organization. ...

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Management and Executive Job Overview

Upper-level staff represent the operational "backbone" of any organization. While they may not be involved in physical production activities, the decisions made will affect nearly every aspect of an enterprise. So, this type of skilled labor is highly prized in every industry. Just as there are numerous in-house demands within any company, the specific job titles will likewise differ. Some executive roles can include research and development coordinator, wealth manager or senior director. The skills required will be dependent upon the metrics of the title itself and arising to the level of executive will often result in a great deal of success.

Management and Executive Job Education Requirements

According to statistics, most managerial positions will demand at least a bachelor's degree from a university. In fact, a growing number of professionals are opting for a master's as well. This is primarily due to increasing competition within the employment pool. Degrees in business management, accounting, commerce and trade are some of the most relevant majors chosen. Notwithstanding a considerably strong level of education, an executive position will necessitate other character traits such as:
  • Strong communication skills.
  • A knowledge of maths.
  • The ability to work under pressure.
  • Creative thinking.
  • An understanding of accounting and other financially related tasks.
As upper-level jobs will naturally come with a certain amount of stress, the applicant must also possess a second-to-none level of confidence in their abilities.

Management and Executive Job Market

Numerous studies have pointed out that management and executive roles are on the rise throughout Canada; particularly for the younger demographic. In fact, positions that embrace both business management and the use of modern technology will be in great demand during the next ten years, as computers and the field of IT are further integrated into business operations.

Management and Executive Job Salary Information

The latest figures show that an executive director can expect to earn a median salary of $72,946 dollars per year. Bonuses, stock options and profit sharing can dramatically increase this base pay.
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