Manufacturing Jobs in Hamilton, ON Overview Known for its industrialization, Hamilton, Ontario, is a densely populated ...

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Manufacturing Jobs in Hamilton, ON Overview

Known for its industrialization, Hamilton, Ontario, is a densely populated port city and a great place to find manufacturing jobs in Canada. In fact, the manufacturing industry is the top employer in the city. The area running from Niagara Falls to Lake Ontario, with Hamilton in the centre, is known as the "Golden Horseshoe" which denotes the region's highly industrialized section. Hamilton is the country's biggest steel manufacturer, producing 60 per cent of all of Canada's steel with manufacturing giants like Dofasco and US Steel Canada.

Because of this, job seekers hoping to land manufacturing positions in Hamilton have a great advantage.

Hamilton Manufacturing Job Market

Although Hamilton has lost a small percentage of its manufacturing industry since the 1990s, it continues to dominate Canada with streamlined production, big-name manufacturers, and secure jobs. While entry-level positions are available, the best positions require some factory experience relevant to the position, but it is also a great place to find jobs after high school or college graduation. Manufacturers are looking to fill openings for production workers, machine operators, assemblers, production team leaders, quality control inspectors, general labourers, manufacturing engineers, and more.

Manufacturing Salaries in Hamilton

Salaries vary widely, depending on experience and position. Operations managers are among the highest paid employees in Hamilton. The average annual salary for Hamilton production supervisors is around C$58,600 per year. Top earners make as much as C$76,000 a year, but starting pay is closer to C$39,000 a year. The majority of entry-level, temporary assembly and production worker positions pay around C$11.50 to C$12.50 an hour, salary usually increases with permanent employment and experience. As with most manufacturing positions, this temporary pay reflects a type of probation period when the employer considers whether you are suitable for the job long-term. Those who are hired on permanently enjoy competitive pay in a region that values production workers.

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