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Manufacturing Career Information

Manufacturing Job Overview While manufacturing can be viewed as a rather unknown sector to the average consumer, the ...

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Manufacturing Job Overview

While manufacturing can be viewed as a rather unknown sector to the average consumer, the domestic economy would collapse without its presence within a matter of days. This industry comprises countless different subcategories. From agricultural production to pharmaceutical processing and chemical manufacturing, its importance simply cannot be overstated. As a growing population and different technological methods cause this field to be consistently evolving, there are numerous job opportunities for those who possess the motivation, adaptability, and the required skill sets.

Manufacturing Job Education Requirements

The requirements vary widely from position to position in the manufacturing industry. Those who physically work within a factory setting may need nothing more than a clean criminal record, a high school degree and the will to progress. However, a manufacturing supervisor will likely require a great deal of additional experience. A four-year degree in administration is desirable and depending upon the field, further specifications such as lean operations management can also be necessary. An example of this may be an engineering position that is required to have a minimum of a master's degree in electrical studies. Middle- to high-level positions will also dictate the need for the individual to possess excellent leadership qualities alongside an ability to meet stringent deadlines within an amenable time frame. Product knowledge is essential as is appreciating any relevant safety protocols.

Manufacturing Job Market

As Canada boasts a significantly large economy, the manufacturing sector is seen to be on the rise. According to recent statistics, the industry is currently at a six-month high. These conditions are expected to remain the same into the near future. Sectors such as agriculture and petrochemicals appear to be particularly strong. Therefore, applying within this industry can produce fruitful results.

Manufacturing Job Salary Information

Recent figures indicate that the median salary for a plant manager is $83,692 dollars; the highest average total pay thereafter reaching $127,914 dollars. Note that this includes bonuses and profit sharing. In comparison, the average hourly wage for a factory worker is $15.00 dollars an hour (overtime can be significantly higher).

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