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Marketing Jobs in Mississauga, ON Overview As the sixth-largest city in Canada, Mississauga boasts some of the ...

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Marketing Jobs in Mississauga, ON Overview

As the sixth-largest city in Canada, Mississauga boasts some of the strongest finance, electronics, aerospace, and pharmaceutical industries in the country. Job seekers interested in marketing careers will find a variety of options in any of these industries, plus the countless others. Marketing positions in Mississauga, ON, can include interns, specialists, analysts, coordinators, assistants, managers, and content marketers. Marketers will be responsible for distributing communications, developing PR strategies, and executing marketing campaigns, though the specifics will be dependent on the position.

Mississauga, ON, Marketing Job Market

The job market is strong in Mississauga, making it an ideal city for marketers to join the ranks. Marketers in Mississauga find gainful employment in independent sales and marketing firms, manufacturers, consulting firms, non-profit organizations, retail chains, and financial groups. Mississauga also offers a variety of marketing positions, so it's just as welcoming to the entry-level marketer as it is to senior-level professionals.

Marketers interested in working in Mississauga should have strong analytical skills, experience with social media, great data visualization, technical and administration skills, excellent communication skills, the ability to work on a team, and flexibility. Friendliness and the ability to cultivate work relationships is also important, since the nature of marketing means constantly working with people, both clients and co-workers.

Marketing Salaries in Mississauga, ON

The average salary for a marketing coordinator in Mississauga, ON, is just over C$45,000 a year, which is higher than the Canadian average. Entry-level marketers should expect to start out at no more than C$33,000 a year. Top earners can enjoy as much as C$53,200 annually. Some of this income may include commission and profit sharing, depending on the employer. Marketing managers and specialists can go on to become marketing directors, senior managers and communications directors.

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