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Marketing Career Information

Marketing Job Overview The fast developing field of marketing offers a vast range of possible career development ...

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Marketing Job Overview

The fast developing field of marketing offers a vast range of possible career development scenarios, depending on a marketing job candidate's unique set of skills, as contemporary marketing is a mix of technology, data science and art. Strong analytical ability is a great propeller for building a career within the field of market research. Identifying the target consumers' needs and habits, collecting the data and translating the analyzed data into conclusions crucial for further brand enhancement and positioning are the everyday challenges of a market research analyst. Attention to detail is necessary for market analysts, but being able to visualize the big picture and take over the responsibility for developing and implementing a marketing strategy is what it takes to become a brand manager. Creative thinkers with superb verbal communication excel as copywriters, while number-inclined marketing professionals with proven customer liaison skills can specialize in media buying and account management.

Marketing Job Education Requirements

According to statistics, candidates for most entry-level positions in the field of marketing are required to have a bachelor's degree, with major courses in marketing strategies, strategic management, business administration, quantitative analysis, market research or English - depending on the specific position. The most versatile and useful undergraduate degrees for the field are a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. For more operative market research and telemarketing positions it is usually sufficient to have an associate's degree in marketing, obtained from a community college or a university through a program designed for two academic years. A master's degree, particularly an MBA takes one or two academic years more to complete than a bachelor's degree in marketing, but it allows the graduates to apply for management positions right after graduation, even though many companies will prefer the candidates with some previous work experience including supervision and responsibility for a team or a project.

Marketing Job Market

The encouraging fact for future marketing experts is that there are no limits in further development and designing a career in marketing matching one's unique set of skills and talents. Every industry and every single company or organization within each of the industries needs a marketing sector, or even just a small team. Typical employers in the field of advertising are advertising agencies, all types of media, educational institutions, governments, non-profit organizations and market research agencies. Most business companies have their own advertising departments, so employment prospects for aspiring marketers are better than ever, thanks to the development of the digital marketing and the increasing importance of social media marketing campaigns.

Marketing Job Salary Information

Statistics show that an entry-level marketing assistant earns an annual salary of $2,791, a copywriter typically earns $3,000 a year, a brand manager earns $5,341 a year on the average while a marketing executive can earn over $10,000 a year.

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