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Media Job Overview The media industry incorporates a myriad of different career opportunities, spread out across a ...

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Media Job Overview

The media industry incorporates a myriad of different career opportunities, spread out across a whole range of different mediums. Centered on the idea of communication, the media includes traditional print, television, radio, online platforms and more. As a result, newspapers, magazines, television shows, radio broadcasts, websites, blogs and advertising all fall under the media umbrella and their production often requires a diverse number of positions to be filled. Some examples of the types of career paths commonly associated with media include journalism, graphic design and photography. People working in the media often specialize in one aspect of their chosen career. For instance, a journalist may specialize in broadcast journalism or reporting, while a graphic designer may focus on web graphics or print graphics.

Media Job Education Requirements

In the majority of cases, careers in the media require a university degree in the field a person wishes to specialize in. As an example, most journalist jobs will require applicants to have a degree in journalism or a related field, while most photography jobs will ask for applicants to have a degree in photography. In fact, statistics show that more than 60 percent of all media and communications workers have at least a bachelor's degree. Amongst reporters and correspondents, that figure rises to in excess of 80 percent.

Media Job Market

Careers within the media are extremely competitive, even at entry level and as a result, most vacancies will have a large number of applicants. Although the media industry has diversified in recent decades as a result of the increased popularity of the internet, increased access to free information has had a negative impact upon several media occupations. Moreover, current projections suggest that many careers within the media, including editorial and reporting careers, will see a decline in employment opportunities between 2012 and 2022.

Media Job Salary Information

Research suggests that the average journalist can expect to earn around $25 per hour, potentially rising to around $40 per hour. However, entry level jobs pay significantly lower and the starting wage is approximately $14 per hour. Examples of median wages for other media jobs include:
  • Editors - $25.60 per hour
  • Graphic Designers - $20.00 per hour
  • Television Producers - $26.67 per hour
  • Court Reporters - $21.00 per hour
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