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Military Career Information

Military Job Overview There are a wide range of employment opportunities within the military services, including ...

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Military Job Overview

There are a wide range of employment opportunities within the military services, including positions in the Army, Navy and Air Force. In addition to work in the Regular army, there are also various Reserve opportunities. Many of the jobs are essentially the same as those carried out by civilians, such as nursing or a cooking. The qualifications obtained can be used interchangeably both in the armed services and outside them. In addition, members of the military are trained in defence specific skills including the use of weapons, specialist vehicles and survival skills. There is a clear expectation within the military that personnel will potentially be posted to hostile environments where there is a significant chance of injury or loss of life.

Military Job Education Requirements

All entrants to the Canadian Armed Forces must be a Canadian citizen and have been educated to Grade 10 or Secondaire IV (in Quebec). Senior and specialist positions (such as becoming an Army Doctor) require a graduate level education as well as occupation specific qualifications. In addition, all personnel must satisfy basic weight, height and vision requirements. Applicants need to possess a high degree of physical fitness and there are maximum age restrictions in place for each branch of the armed services. Both sexes can join the military, but there are some gender based restrictions on what activities can be undertaken.

Military Job Market

Whilst the overall demand for military personnel remains fairly constant, the demand for particular specialist areas varies depending on the needs of the organization. Internal transfers, promotions and the use of civilian workers can all affect the availability of a particular military career. For example, the need for airfield operations specialists is expected to increase by five percent in the next few years, whereas demand for other jobs within the military has declined somewhat.

Military Job Salary Information

Recent figures indicate that the starting salary for navy personnel is around $1,567 per month, although this varies depending on the job undertaken. Starting salaries for other branches of the military are comparable.

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