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Nursing Job Skills

Nursing Job Overview People who enjoy caring for others can thrive in a nursing career. Nurses work directly with ...

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Nursing Job Overview

People who enjoy caring for others can thrive in a nursing career. Nurses work directly with patients in hospitals, care centres and medical clinics to assist in performing exams, administering injections and oral medications, monitor and assess a medical condition and aid in rehabilitation. Some public health nurses also work with members of the community to educate about important health practices. There are several types of nursing jobs available in Canada including registered practical nurses, registered nurses and nurse practitioners. Candidates should be able to respond quickly in emergency situations, especially if they work in emergency departments or other areas of hospitals.

Nursing Job Education Requirements

Nurses must earn an undergraduate degree in nursing, and then pass an examination to earn a nursing licence. Some continuing medical education may be necessary to maintain this licence. In the early 1990s, many nursing schools experienced an extreme surge in applicants, causing many prospective students to be turned away from their dreams of becoming a nurse. However, in the past five years, Canada has experienced a nursing shortage, so schools are able to accept more students each year to these programs.

Nursing Job Market

Due to the nursing shortage, statistics predict that by 2022, Canada will have 60,000 fewer employed nurses than they actually need. This is partly due to the fact that aging baby boomer population requires more healthcare than other generations, so nurses are necessary to keep up with these demands. It is also because existing nurses are aging and starting to retire, leaving gaps that aren't being filled as quickly as necessary. These two factors make it clear that the nursing job market is on the rise, and will continue to improve between now and 2022.

Nursing Job Salary Information

The median hourly rate for registered nurse jobs is C$30, although nurses who work night or weekend shifts tend to earn much higher wages due to the overtime rates. The average rate for a nurse in Canada falls between C$24 and C$40.88 per hour, so there is certainly room for growth. Nurses who are willing to travel and provide services in other countries can also qualify for bonuses and higher hourly wages.

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