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Oil and Gas Job Overview Canada is home to many large oil and gas companies because of the numerous deposits of ...

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Oil and Gas Job Overview

Canada is home to many large oil and gas companies because of the numerous deposits of natural gas and petroleum in the country. This creates a plethora of job opportunities for candidates in many fields.

Those searching for work in the oil and gas industry essentially have two options: on-site or off-site. On-site workers are foremen, heavy machinery operators, pipefitters, electricians, drillers and truck drivers. Off-site workers include those with professions not geared towards oil and gas, such as human resources, accountants, economists, attorneys or government affairs managers.

Oil and Gas Job Education Requirements

Educational requirements differ greatly from job to job. Most on-site workers carry only a high school diploma, especially for general labour. Professionals with more responsibility such as managers and foremen need a mix of education and on-the-job experience.

Most jobs off-site require a college degree. Accountants and finance professionals have degrees in accounting, finance or economics. Many more that work as liaisons between the suppliers and buyers have bachelor's degrees in business or management.

Master's degrees jobs include various engineers that help extract the resources through drilling and fracking, as well as pipelines that transport the goods to their destination.

Oil and Gas Job Market

The oil and gas job market has been strong over the past decade. However, the recent drop in crude oil prices caused many large companies to cut on-site jobs. Therefore, the price of oil is the driving force of employment opportunities, as well as the discovery of new deposits.

Oil and Gas Salary Information

Salaries vary for oil and gas professionals. At the low-end of the spectrum, general labourers earn an average of C$20 per hour. Accountants who work for oil and gas companies make a bit more at C$29 an hour. The top workers in the field are generally engineers, with an average hourly wage of nearly C$50.

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