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Operations and Logistics Career Information

Operations and Logistics Job Overview Operations and logistics can be viewed as two of the driving forces behind any ...

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Operations and Logistics Job Overview

Operations and logistics can be viewed as two of the driving forces behind any industry or business operation. This is generally a middle- to upper-level position that requires a good amount of training, especially as the roles and responsibilities are quite varied depending upon the position offered. For example a logistics management analyst can be responsible for developing strategies, analyzing data, sales optimization and product improvement. Duties can include supervising the delivery of freight or keeping an accurate record of all outbound inventory (as an example).

Operations and Logistics Job Education Requirements

Most companies will require the applicant to have a university degree in economics, finance, business management or a similar field. This is critical, as on-the-job training may not be available. Also, the individual should be capable of handling large amounts of data in an expedient fashion. A solid comprehension of various business models is a bonus, as is knowledge in SQL (data-driven software). Finally, a formidable work ethic is essential for a position in operations and logistics. These should all be present alongside an ability to communicate with other stakeholders and a talent for solving any problems as they occur.

Operations and Logistics Job Market

Many analysts feel that the logistics market has been booming in Canada since 2012. This is mainly due to a higher production capacity alongside increased exports to foreign customers. It should, however, also be known that positions such as a transport manager are highly competitive. As a greater number of applicants are interested in this and similar fields, the starting salary can be quite low, which is the primary reason to possess an adequate skill set in the form of education and training when applying for such a role.

Operations and Logistics Job Salary Information

The latest figures show that the average salary for an operations and logistics manager will vary between $40,951 dollars and $91,062 dollars per year. The upper end of this spectrum will include extra amenities such as bonuses and any opportunities for profit sharing (in certain companies).

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