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Part Time Career Information

Part-Time Job Overview Part-time employment is available in almost every job sector. A part-time job offers only a ...

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Part-Time Job Overview

Part-time employment is available in almost every job sector. A part-time job offers only a limited number of contracted hours, typically less than thirty, though the hours of employment in part-time work are highly variable; some employers will need workers regularly but only for a few hours (for example catering assistants, whereas other opportunities will require employees to work two or more full days in a week. Part-time jobs can sometimes be a stepping stone to full-time employment, as many companies will increase the hours of workers such as reception workers as further work becomes available.

Part-Time Job Education Requirements

The requirements to undertake a particular role normally remain constant regardless of the number of hours worked. For some employment roles it may be possible to share out the key responsibilities of a full-time post between a number of part-time workers, which gives some flexibility for variation. Some employers will advertise a part-time role with prospects for further hours and an increased rate of pay as the employee gains further qualifications or skills. The exact nature of the requirements for each post will be given in the job specification, but as a general rule, applicants should assume that a part-time position, for example as a mechanic, will require the same skill set as a full-time post.

Part-Time Job Market

Over the past few years there has been an increase in the number of part-time positions available, so workers have a good chance of finding a part-time post which meets their needs. Waitressing, food preparation and retail sales employment opportunities have all increased significantly of late. Part-time opportunities for work are common in all these sectors.

Part-Time Job Salary Information

Usually a part-time salary is commensurate with that for full-time work. Where an hourly rate is paid, this remains constant and is simply multiplied by the number of hours worked. A salaried post will usually be calculated to give a similar pro rata return, although the exact salary may vary slightly in order to take into account tax anomalies.

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