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Personal Services Career Information

Personal Services Job Overview From a broad overview, most authorities define personal services as those tasks which ...

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Personal Services Job Overview

From a broad overview, most authorities define personal services as those tasks which are designed to address the individual needs of a customer. Some examples of jobs within this field can be a caterer, a personal trainer or a dietetic technician. This one sector covers an incredibly wide range of and it should be noted that the qualifications will, likewise, differ with the tasks themselves. It is exactly this level of diversity which many applicants find extremely rewarding, as the levels of satisfaction derived from addressing the needs of others is much more tangible than in other industries.

Personal Services Job Education Requirements

There are differing requirements within the various discrete fields of personal services. For example, a chef will likely need a degree from a culinary school while a fitness trainer could require recognition as a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). However, roles such as an administrative assistant could only dictate entry-level skills such as typing, a knowledge of word processing and the ability to utilize spreadsheets. In simplest terms, the level of education revolves around the requirements of the job itself. As the name denotes, any type of personal service necessitates an excellent level of interpersonal communications. Some jobs such as catering are also likely to pose challenging demands upon the individual. Ultimately, a robust amount of "people" skills and motivation are both important - if not essential - traits.

Personal Services Job Market

The past few years have witnessed sustained growth in the personal services job market. In particular, home care is in high demand due to an aging Canadian population. However, competition is stiff and as immigration to Canada has increased, so have the number of positions available become more difficult to obtain. Succinctly, those with a confirmed education and prior experience are likely to fare better.

Personal Services Job Salary Information

Although the base pay will vary between different fields, a good example of the average expected income can be seen in the wages of a personal assistant. According to 2014 figures, the median salary is $39,886 dollars within Canada.

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