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Physics Job Skills

Physics Job Overview Physics jobs are as diverse as the field of study itself. Job seekers with a background in ...

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Physics Job Overview

Physics jobs are as diverse as the field of study itself. Job seekers with a background in physics may opt for a career in education as a teacher or professor. An interest in physics can lead to a career as a civil engineer, medical physicist, laboratory director or environmental scientist. The options are extremely varied, allowing job applicants to really think outside the box and seek out physics jobs that will help them develop their talents and pursue their interests.

Forbes highlighted physics as number six on a list of the best master's degrees. They projected an employment increase of 20.3 percent for common jobs associated with this degree.

Physics Job Education Requirements

Most physics jobs will require at least a bachelor's degree, and many may require a master's degree or doctorate. In an area like education, it's important to pursue the highest degree possible. However, a researcher or earth scientist may only need a bachelor's degree, particularly for entry-level positions.

Job seekers interested in medical laboratory professions may need additional certification. The Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) offers certification for general medical laboratory technology, diagnostic cytology, clinical genetic and medical laboratory assisting.

Physics Job Market

A study of Canadian Physics Graduates revealed that unemployment was just 2 to 3 percent for students who graduated with a Bachelor of Science in physics between 1985 and 1996. Those who went on to obtain a graduate degree had even better prospects with unemployment of less than one percent. The survey covered 945 students and found that 25.8 percent were employed in research and development and another 24.1 percent were teaching. Computing was the next most common area of employment, accounting for 12.2 percent of respondents.

A higher level of education makes it easier not only to obtain employment in the physics job market, but also to move up the ladder and get promotions as well.

Physics Job Salary Information

Salaries for physics jobs are typically very good. Environmental scientists in an entry-level position earn C$42,000 a year on average. However, those with higher education levels can make between C$64,000 and C$75,000.

Professors in Canada are especially well paid. The average salary for a full-time professor is $115,513, more than double what the average full-time employee makes in Canada. The median professor's salary at the University of Toronto is $136,483, Queen's University pays $133,395 on average, and professors at McMaster University earn $131,696.

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