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Police Job Skills

Police Job Overview Canada's police services offer a variety of career opportunities. The Royal Canadian Mounted ...

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Police Job Overview

Canada's police services offer a variety of career opportunities. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have more than 150 specializations. The Toronto Police Service has 180 uniform and more than 300 civilian job opportunities. Specializations include police dog services, mounted unit, drug squad, homicide squad, emergency task force, criminal investigation, marine unit and forensic identification services.

Individuals interested in police jobs are responsible for enforcing the law, conducting investigations, increasing community awareness of various issues and ensuring the overall safety and security of the public. The work can be strenuous. Those interested in a police career should work well under pressure and be comfortable carrying a weapon or using force. Those in police careers may face exposure to violence, trauma and other disturbing events.

If you're prepared to take on these challenges, you can help keep your community safe and protect its citizens with a police career.

Police Job Education Requirements

Most police careers require a minimum of a Canadian high school diploma or equivalent. Applicants must also have a valid unrestricted driver's licence, meet hearing and vision standards and demonstrate appropriate physical abilities. Additional training for a career in the police force typically is provided by the organization you're applying to. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police provide six months of training at the RCMP Academy in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Applicants for service with the Toronto Police Service, for example, are expected to train at the Ontario Police College. Though the cost of attending this school is $11,065, cadets do receive a salary of $57,777 in training. Other provinces operate similarly.

Police Job Market

The market for police jobs in Canada is expected to be stable in coming years. Retiring police offers regularly create new job openings for applicants. Most police forces offer pension plans before 35 years of service. The proportion of police officers aged 55 and older is just 4 percent compared to 15 percent in the work force as a whole. Most openings in the police force are created by retiring officers. Turnover is low in this occupation, indicating a high level of job satisfaction.

Police Job Salary Information

Canada's police force is one of the best paid in the world. Municipal police forces often have annual raises that exceed inflation rates. In Canada's big cities, a first-class officer earns between C$80,000 and C$90,000 a year before added perks like overtime and benefits. Though this is a challenging career, the compensation for police in Canada is excellent.

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