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Power Engineer Jobs in Ontario Overview

Power engineers in Ontario help maintain utilities for power plants, electrical companies, manufacturing companies, and more. This includes operating electrical equipment, boiler systems, and other plant equipment. Two-year power engineering technician programs are available in Ontario, where students can earn an Ontario College Diploma. However, a college diploma is not always required in this occupation. Certifications are available through various classes toward a First-Class certification, which is the highest achievement available in the field.

Common job titles for power engineers include the following:

  • Control-room operator
  • Stationary engineer
  • Installation technician
  • Assistant operation officer

Though the manufacturing sector is one of the largest employers of power engineers in Ontario, job opportunities within this field may occur in nearly any large building that requires utilities maintenance.

Ontario Power Engineer Job Market

Power engineers fall within the job category for Stationary Engineers and Auxiliary Equipment Operators. In Ontario, the job outlook within this category is expected to be fair. The provincial labour force is about 4,800. Automated systems are reducing the need for power engineers in many companies. However, those who adapt to the changing job market by advancing their computer skills, can still find lucrative job opportunities in Ontario. The job market for power engineers is best in the Hamilton-Niagara Peninsula region, Northeast region, and Toronto region.

Power Engineer Salaries in Ontario

Workers in the Stationary Engineers and Auxiliary Equipment Operators job categories in Ontario enjoy a median salary of C$28.85 CAD. This is on par with the national median of C$28.50. Earnings on the low end of the scale in Ontario are about C$20 an hour, while those on the upper end of the scale make C$38 an hour. Median earnings for power engineers are lower in most provinces, though Saskatchewan and Alberta have higher median wages of C$30 and C$35 respectively.

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