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Project coordinator Job Skills

Project Coordinator Job Overview Project coordinator jobs require excellent organizational, scheduling and ...

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Project Coordinator Job Overview

Project coordinator jobs require excellent organizational, scheduling and communication skills. The specific job duties vary depending on the project coordinator's chosen industry. Generally, though, project coordinators perform a range of duties that help projects run smoothly and efficiently. The job may include:

  • Communicating with suppliers to make sure employees have the materials they need
  • Finding employees with the right skills to complete a job
  • Scheduling projects, employees, and deliveries to avoid conflict

Some people confuse project coordinator jobs with project manager jobs. In most cases, project coordinators report to project managers. Coordinators, however, fill an indispensable position that makes it possible for the manager to do his or her job properly.

Project Coordinator Job Education Requirements

While some people become project coordinators by working in an industry for several years, most have a high school diploma and at least some college. The construction industry tends to favor experience over education, but most employers prefer to hire professionals who have some college education.

Project coordinators who work in information technology may need college or graduate degrees showing that they know how to work with complex information systems. Taking graduate classes in business and technology can improve a person's chances of getting a challenging job that rewards them with a good salary and benefits.

Classes that can help project coordinators perform their jobs include:

  • Accounting
  • Business management
  • Project management
  • Human resource management
  • Supply chain management

Education for this job is similar to the educational requirements for manager and programme manager jobs. Since they oversee entire projects, managers usually have more responsibility than coordinators.

Project Coordinator Job Market

The government doesn't keep track of growth for project coordinator jobs. It does, however, show that the construction and technology industries are expected to grow considerably over the next several years. This should create numerous opportunities for project coordinators with the right levels of experience.

Project Coordinator Job Salary Information

Project coordinator salaries can vary depending on what industry they work in. Most can expect to earn about C$48,000 per year. Over time, professionals may want to use their experience to pursue manager and senior project manager jobs. Depending on one's chosen industry, senior managers can earn about C$100,000 per year.

People who have project coordinator jobs get to participate in several areas of business to make sure managers can complete projects on time and on budget. Although not technically a management position, the professionals working in this area often have skills that could eventually help them secure management roles.

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