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Project engineer Job Skills

Project Engineer Job Overview People who pursue project engineer jobs usually work in the science and construction ...

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Project Engineer

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Project Engineer Job Overview

People who pursue project engineer jobs usually work in the science and construction industries, but those are just two of many possibilities. For example, you may work in IT project manager jobs, if you are technologically inclined.

In addition, once you have gained the necessary experience, it may be possible to move into a job that traditionally carries more responsibility, such as senior project manager. This related career path lets you lead people while they accomplish tasks and meet goals. It's also necessary to have strong math skills when you work in project engineer jobs. You may be required to play a direct role in keeping projects on budget, while simultaneously figuring out how to implement various stages of a project.

Project Engineer Job Education Requirements

All engineering roles in Canada require a person to be licensed in the territory or province where he or she has employment. Although you may work before becoming licensed, that's only if a licensed engineer takes responsibility for the things you do in the scope of your profession. Most employers look for job candidates that have graduated with a university degree in an engineering discipline. It's also helpful if you have taken coursework that relates to management, leadership, human resources, and budgeting.

After graduating with a degree, it's time to get between three to four years of work experience as an engineer. The exact length of time depends on your Canadian jurisdiction. A licensed engineer supervises you during that time. Finally, you must pass an ethics exam to become a professional engineer. Prior to that point, you can register with your local engineering regulatory body as an engineer-in-training.

Project Engineer Job Market

Analysts say the market for project engineer jobs is well balanced, and is likely to stay that way through 2020. There will be nearly an equal split between job openings that arise when people retire, and those that come about because of employment growth. Canada is transitioning to a knowledge-based economy, which is helping in contributing to a strong labour market in this field.

Project Engineer Job Salary Information

The average salary for a project engineer job is C$73,011 a year. As with other work, that amount can vary depending on the level of experience you have, and how urgently project engineers are needed in your area of Canada.

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