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Project Management Career Information

Project Management Job Overview Project management positions are some of the most sought-after jobs within the Canadian ...

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Project Management Job Overview

Project management positions are some of the most sought-after jobs within the Canadian job market. This arises from the fact that upper-level responsibilities will have direct control over the core decision-making processes within a company. So, such a title is as rewarding as it can be potentially challenging. This broad sector will encompass a number of different roles; each dependent upon the specific industry. Some examples of management positions can include:
  • Engineering management.
  • Operations management.
  • Sales supervision.
Other unique jobs have opened up in recent years; particularly in the form of technology. For example, a PMP-certified IT project manager and the management of cloud data storage systems are in extremely high demand.

Project Management Job Education Requirements

Most statistics have pointed out that it is increasingly common for project managers to possess a bachelor's degree in business management, advertising, accounting or finance from an accredited institution. Besides these initial requirements, certain industries may ask for additional certification. In the Canadian Construction Association (CCA), a Gold Certification scheme is highly desirable. In a broader scope, Project Management Professional (PMP) licensing is also now sought after by many companies. So, it is wise for an applicant to research any other types of accreditation that could be needed.

Project Management Job Market

Many industries in Canada have once again begun to expand. This is seen as evidence that the nation has begun to rise to productivity levels not seen since before the global recession. Many analysts feel that some of the management sectors which appear to be the most lucrative are the within engineering, agriculture, petroleum and construction project management markets. Assuming that Canada continues to perform well, an increased level of competition will likely be experienced in these and other fields.

Project Management Job Salary Information

Statistics show that in general, a project manager can expect to bring in $75,540 each year. Still, it should be remembered that this is one facet within a rather large field. As per recent statistics, managers can earn as high as $134,185 annually.
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