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Project manager Job Skills

Project Manager Job Overview Project managers plan and evaluate special projects that can help businesses release new ...

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Project Manager Job Overview

Project managers plan and evaluate special projects that can help businesses release new products and services. Some may also evaluate existing company policy to recommend changes that may improve efficiency and quality.

Most businesses can benefit from hiring project managers with experience in their respective industries. By gaining more experience, project managers may move into senior project manager positions that give them more responsibilities and opportunities to earn higher salaries.

Project Manager Job Education Requirements

Employers typically prefer project managers who have a bachelor's or business degree. In some cases, employees may become project managers after showing an aptitude for organization and management. Such promotions are rare.

Some of the most important skills for project managers include:

  • Budgeting
  • Supervision
  • Employee management
  • Quality assurance
IT project manager jobs require a deep understanding of developing technologies, especially those related to business solutions. Companies looking for IT project managers usually want professionals who have worked in areas such as computer science, software development or engineering.

Project Manager Job Market

Since project manager jobs are found in a wide range of industries, the government doesn't track its growth. People interested in becoming project managers may want to focus on finding jobs in high-growth industries like beverage manufacturing, mining, marketing and industrial manufacturing.

Professionals who have difficulty finding project manager jobs may want to consider pursuing project coordinator positions. These jobs have similar responsibilities. Expanding your job search to include it and other similar positions could make it easier to find employment.

Project Manager Job Salary Information

The median pay for project managers is about C$50,000. A manager's salary, however, can differ significantly depending on his or her industry and level of experience. Salaries range from about C$36,000 to over C$71,000.

Where a person works can also affect how much he or she earns. Project managers in Mississauga, for instance, earn about 17 percent more than average. Those in Toronto and Ottawa earn about 4 percent more than average. Those who work in London, Montreal, Winnipeg and Vancouver can expect to make less than the average wage for this profession.

Before pursuing a career in project management, applicants should consider whether they have the appropriate training and experience. Drafting a resume and cover letter that highlights those skills may increase one's likeliness of getting a job. Since some industries and areas pay more than others, they may also want to focus their job searches to positions that will reward them the most.

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