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QA Job Overview People employed in quality assurance, or QA, are responsible for preventing mistakes and defects during ...

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QA Job Overview

People employed in quality assurance, or QA, are responsible for preventing mistakes and defects during product development, as well as ensuring that the product works according to the customer's needs. QA analysts and testers work on both manufactured products and software. Quality assurance typically focuses on the design and development stage of construction. This differs from quality control, which inspects finished products to ensure that no defects were introduced in the manufacturing stage. QA workers have an involved, technical role in product development, and they must have specialized skills regarding the product or industry in question.

QA Job Education Requirements

The education required for QA work depends on the specific industry in question. Today, there is an abundance of quality assurance jobs in software development, web design, and other IT fields. These jobs typically require or prefer some post-secondary education in computer science or information technology. Jobs in manufacturing and engineering require relevant post-secondary education. Most employers also require several years of industry experience, ensuring that applicants are familiar enough with the field to accurately analyze product quality and make appropriate decisions. Certification for quality assurance and engineers and process analysts does exist, but is not generally required.

QA Job Market

The market for QA jobs is highly dependent on the specific industry. A number of quality assurance job listings are related to engineering, manufacturing, or construction, with nearly a quarter of all available listed positions. IT and software positions closely follow. Manufacturing is currently one of the fastest growing industries, with approximately 30% growth since 2013. IT is also considered a growth industry. QA work in administration and finance is significantly scarcer, representing barely a tenth of listed positions and posting only 1% growth since 2013. Similar occupations, such as safety inspection and environmental compliance are also experiencing growth.

QA Job Salary Information

QA jobs pay, on average, $64,645 per year. Quality assurance work in administration pays below average, at $34,500, while quality assurance engineers can expect well over $100,000 per year.

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