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Quality Control Job Overview Production and manufacturing companies employ quality control professionals to make sure ...

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Quality Control Job Overview

Production and manufacturing companies employ quality control professionals to make sure their products are manufactured to specifications, perform as expected and are safe to sell to consumers. Quality control professionals work in a variety of industries, from food production to electronics manufacturing. Their work environment varies widely; some work on a factory floor while others work in a lab. Some typical duties of a quality control specialist might include:

  • Visually inspect items on the product line for defects and imperfections
  • Perform tests to ensure performance of manufactured items
  • Measure the quality of manufactured items against a predetermined set of criteria
  • Accept or reject products and send them back for repair or adjustment
  • Record data and compile reports about the performance of manufactured items
  • Compile statistics about the manufacturing process
  • Collaborate with engineers and other professionals to develop procedures to improve product quality
  • Identify trends in quality variance of manufactured items
  • Develop product quality standards in cooperation with design and manufacturing professionals
  • Supervise the activities of quality control technicians and other quality control staff
  • Utilize instrumentation to measure quality of finished products
  • Coordinate with government agencies and regulatory compliance specialists to ensure product compliance

Quality Control Job Education Requirements

Education requirements for quality control jobs vary depending on industry and type of manufacturing process. For many jobs, a high school diploma and on-the-job training are all that is required. For quality control jobs in complex industries like computer electronics or chemical manufacturing, a four-year degree in a related scientific field is required. Some industries also require professional certification. Most quality control jobs require some manufacturing experience in a specific industry before moving into quality control.

Quality Control Job Market

The job market for quality control professionals is expected to be remain steady or increase slightly over the coming decade. Skills in quality analysis and/or quality control are the fourth most in demand skill set in Canada, appearing in over 79,000 unique job ads in 2013.

Quality Control Job Salary Information

The median salary for quality control jobs is C$67,875 per year, with an overall range of C$40,000 per year for entry-level jobs to $80,000+ per year for quality control manager jobs. Factors that affect pay include project management experience, industry and geographical location, with Ottawa paying about 30 percent higher than average and Winnipeg about 20 percent below average.

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