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Receptionist Job Skills

Receptionist Job Overview Receptionists, sometimes called administrative assistants , carry out a variety of tasks in ...

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Receptionist Job Overview

Receptionists, sometimes called administrative assistants, carry out a variety of tasks in support of their employer. Some regular duties that come with receptionist jobs include:

  • Greeting visitors;
  • Arranging appointments and communicating with others to make sure there are no scheduling conflicts;
  • Answering telephone calls and emails;
  • Addressing customer concerns and questions in a courteous, professional manner;
  • Light cleaning work, such as dusting, emptying small garbage cans, and vacuuming;
  • Preparing paperwork and presentations for meetings and appointments;
  • And performing various other duties as asked.

Receptionists may work in almost any industry. There are health care administrative assistants, legal administrative assistants, and HR administrative assistants, among other types of receptionists.

Receptionists may work traditional 9-to-5 office hours, but in some settings, such as hospitals, they may need to be available 24/7.

Receptionist Job Education Requirements

The education requirements for receptionist jobs vary among specific employers. However, in general, a receptionist needs to:

  • Hold some postsecondary education in a field such as office technology or business administration;
  • Have some knowledge of the industry;
  • Be proficient with certain computer programs, such as Microsoft Office;
  • And know how to deal with a range of personalities.

Receptionist Job Market

In most places across the country, the outlook for receptionist jobs is fair. The overall number of jobs will experience weak to moderate growth in coming years. However, a large amount of people are expected to retire from this profession, opening the way for new candidates.

In some places, such as the North Coast Region, high levels of unemployment indicate that finding a receptionist job may be difficult.

Receptionist Job Salary Information

The average wage range for receptionists in Canada is between C$10 and C$25 per hour, with a median of C$15.50 per hour. The median wage is slightly higher in Alberta at around C$17 per hour.

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