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Recruiter Job Skills

Recruiter Job Overview Finding excellent members of the workforce isn't easy but provided you have the steadfast ...

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Recruiter Job Overview

Finding excellent members of the workforce isn't easy but provided you have the steadfast patience, diligence and networking abilities necessary to keep an organization fully staffed with reliable workers, you might be a fantastic recruiter. Typical job duties include:

  • Writing advertisements to spread the word about job openings
  • Visiting job fairs to interact with potential candidates
  • Drafting and implementing hiring practices that ensure the workplace is sufficiently diverse
  • Answering questions about which skills specific positions require
  • Scheduling and conducting interviews with prospective candidates
  • Working in constant collaboration with other members of a human resources team but also being willing to get tasks done independently
  • Managing logistical concerns such as orientations and drug testing

Some people get started in the human resources field by working as human resources clerks or staffing coordinators before building up enough experience to succeed as recruiters.

Recruiter Job Education Requirements

Most recruiter jobs require a college diploma or university degree in a relevant subject such as industrial relations, business administration, or psychology. Without that sort of training at the university level, a person could get hired for an open recruiter position if he or she agrees to take a continuing education program in personnel administration. It's possible to earn a certificate as a Certified Human Resources Professional. Even if not required by your employer, having that certification could help you get noticed in a competitive job market. In some cases, employers also require recruiters to have administrative training to gain clerical skills.

Recruiter Job Market

Analysts believe there won't be enough job seekers to fill all the open recruiter jobs in Canada from now through 2020, which makes opportunities ripe for people who are seeking work as recruiters for the first time. Due to factors like economic growth and people leaving the workforce upon reaching retirement age, just over 204,000 job openings are expected to occur between now and 2020.

Recruiter Job Salary Information

Throughout Canada, a recruiter usually earns anywhere from C$33,784 to C$67,872 annually, and potentially more if he or she is a senior recruiter. Individuals may make more due to perks like yearly performance bonuses that can run upward of C$10,000.

It takes a lot of willingness and dedication to find the right people for open positions, but if you have what it takes, working as a recruiter could help you play a significant and valuable role in helping companies and other organizations stay productive and meet hiring quotas.

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