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Research and Development Career Information

Research and Development Job Overview Otherwise known by the popular acronym "R&D", research and development is an ...

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Research and Development Job Overview

Otherwise known by the popular acronym "R&D", research and development is an exciting and lucrative field. To be sure, this broad category covers a number of discrete areas of expertise. Anyone working within this sector can be provided with a number of job opportunities. These can include areas such as:
  • Cosmetics
  • Chemicals
  • Engineering
  • Defense contractors
  • Government agencies
  • Marketing firms
As the name suggests, the responsibilities will include the discovery, planning, implementation and review of products and services designed to meet the needs of a certain industry or target demographic.

Research and Development Job Education Requirements

Nearly every company that hires within this field will require the applicant to have a postgraduate degree within the field of sciences, chemistry, math or engineering. Indeed, many experts will frequently boast more than one of these knowledge bases. For example, those involved within the field of chemical research will require a doctorate to be hired for most jobs. The same can be said for individuals involved within the pharmaceuticals industry and anyone intending to apply for a government position. As a rule of thumb, an applicant must at least possess a bachelor's degree to be considered seriously and even then, an internship may be required.

Research and Development Job Market

Statistics from 2012 illustrated that Canada seemed to be lagging behind other countries in the area of research and development. However, a strengthening economy may very well offset this condition. In particular, the areas of aviation, crop resources and the automotive market are said to be quite lucrative. Expertise such as a degree in engineering research is therefore seen to be a potentially rewarding opportunity. Still, some analysts feel that Canada needs to bolster its investment into this sector.

Research and Development Job Salary Information

An analysis illustrates that as of 2014, the median salary of a research and development manager is $78,345 dollars per year. Note that this is for a senior post and entry-level positions will normally begin at a lower bracket. The highest observed pay peaks at $118,665 dollars annually.
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